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An influencer module like no other

Learn about, start conversations and build connections with influencers you love, that already follow your brand. Slix delivers practical insights that make sense. Helping you make informed decisions about your next influencer collaboration.

Engagement scoring for metrics that count

Slix strategically scores account engagement for you and your followers. The metrics are there to guide you. So you can identify legitimate influencers to colab with and continue to build a strong, authentic Instagram presence. 

Account analytics about your followers and content

You'll save hours of trying to understand your followers and how your content performs, with progressive and informative dashboards that are easy to digest. Use Slix to create your social strategy. We’ll keep you in the know daily.


Be updated. On time. Every time.

Data refreshed everyday.

What you'll love

Deeper, stronger analytics

Slix Social is observing and investigative in nature, delivering deep analysis about your account.


Slix will highlight content performance, and analyse content engagement. Superficial analytics aren't enough to build a brand, business and social presence that stands out.

We go deeper. So you get stronger.

Co-brand by Slix Social

Finding new followers is important. Knowing your existing followers is crucial. Co-brand is for brands using or looking to explore influencer marketing.


The power of Slix enables businesses to identify influencers who already follow and engage with their brand. You'll get access to key insights to help you choose the right influencer to collaborate and Co-brand with.

Co-brand is exciting, facilitating a connection, beyond the analytics.


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Access to the platform. For you to feel your way around Slix and discover how it can transform your Instagram marketing roadmap.

Unleashed access to the entire platform, from indepth analytics to the exclusive Slix Social Co-brand capability.