Features to help you grow.

Metric tracking, insights, influencer marketing, influencer finder, data, recommendations, audiences and more. 
Follower analysis and segmentation.
Find out which of your followers are real, authentic users and which followers are bots or mass followers. We segment them for you, so you know what your follower audiences looks like. 
Influencer finder and profile information.
We find influencers by analysing your followers and discovering influencers who already follow your account. You'll get access to influencer profile information, real data and insights to help you learn more about who they are. Plus, be notified every time new influencers follow you. Keeping you in the know, all the time. 
Content and post performance.
Keep on top of your content performance. Slix will analyse and rank your post likes, comments and engagement so you'll know how your posts are performing. You'll also get access to beautiful graphs, so that you can clearly understand the metrics we track and see important account (and post) trends over time. 
Keeping you updated and in the know, is our priority. 
We'll notify you every time you get a new 'top post' with all the key content performance metrics, delivered to your inbox. Plus, see how it compares to the rest of your content. This is ideal for bench marking and content or post optimisation.
Post sentiment analysis.
The feature will elevate your post engagement.
Learn about how your posts make your followers feel and interact. Slix analyses and rates your comments from positive to negative.
Understand comment quality.
You'll also get access to data about the quality of your comments. This means, you'll know if post comments are genuine and from real users, or from bots.
This feature will elevate your content marketing strategy. 
CO-BRAND by Slix Social
The ultimate influencer marketing module.
Start creating your influencer marketing strategy, growing influencer partnerships and collaborating with influencers who already follow your account. Our influencer finder discovers influencers within your own following. 
With Slix, you'll know when influencers start following you with our triggered messages, directly to your inbox. Plus, you'll get access to data and insights that tell you about your influencers. Learn about their Instagram account, social media brand, feed style, content performance and how authentic their follower engagement is.
Everything you need to know about (and before) creating an influencer marketing strategy and partnering with influencers - at your finger tips.
Make the right decisions for your influencer marketing plan and choose the right influencer and brand ambassadors for your business.