Find Instagram Influencers who already love and follow your brand

Using advanced analytics, Slix Social finds instagram influencers who already follow your account. You’ll also get access to in-depth analysis about your influencers including their follower engagement. So you know all the facts, before collaborating with them.

Get started for FREE. 7 days of Slix Social access. No charge, no card required (as it should be!)

How does it work?

Slix uses clever techniques to scan through your followers and analyse their accounts to determine who the influencers are.


Never miss a beat - you can rest easy knowing that this scan process happens every single day. So we’ll continually search for influencers and update you as soon as new influencers start following your account.

Influencer engagement rankings

Knowing that your influencers have genuine engagement with their followers is important for your business to know.

We rank all of your influencers and send you a list of your top five influencers, with analytics about their Instagram engagement. Keeping you in-the-know so you choose the right influencer to partner with.

Influencer Deep Dive

When you’re ready to collaborate with an influencer, you’ll get a snapshot of their recent Instagram account activity and any publicly available contact information.

You’ll get analytics about your influencers posts and engagement. To help you know the type of content they post and what posts get the most likes and comments.

Influencer Collaboration

Finding the right influencer for your business to collaborate with is a big decision and one that we’re here to help you make.

You want influencers who genuinely understand and love your brand or who have a loyal following of people who trust their opinion. Giving you piece of mind to that your partnership will get your business the results you want.


You’ve got Slix Social on your side. Helping you make informed decisions throughout the process. Starting by finding instagram Influencers who already follow you and love your brand.


If they already follow you, their genuine interest in your brand is something you can leverage. It also means their followers are most likely interested in your businesses products and services too. Making the first step of finding the right influencer, so much easier.

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