Instagram Scraper

Build your own marketing database with actionable data including contact details and data to personalize your marketing campaigns and social media activity. Use the Instagram scraper to access contact lists with names, email addresses or phone numbers, all sourced from public Instagram data. Public profile and post information is scraped for Instagram user accounts based on Instagram profile names, locations, biographys and hashtags.

Easy access to the data you need

Accessing large scale data and enriching your database is made easy. Our real time Instagram scraper, enables you to scrape and access valuable data of public profiles on Instagram. Allowing your business to build knowledge and grow your data base with up-to-date details. Create targeted, personalised marketing campaigns, plus get in-the-know with the data that helps you collaborate with the right influencers and grow you influencer marketing strategy.

Data available to you, through the Slix scraper

Instagram profile data 

Account name

Geographic location


Biography description

Email address

Phone number

Website address


Age groups/range

Business category

Account type

Instagram post data

Post captions

Post content type

Geographic location

Hashtags used

Account tags

Number of post likes

Number of post comments

Comment sentiments (positive or negative)

Comment quality (authentic comments or bots)

Engagement ratio

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Pricing and getting started

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