Influencer Finder and

Instagram Analytics API

Use the Slix Social API to integrate or export insights and data for Instagram profiles, account analytics and Instagram influencers. 

Lean on the Slix Social API and scraper

We help our customers explore quality data and find new opportunities, by offering direct API access.

All the metrics and data you want and need, easily integrated and available at your finger tips.

Whether you're accessing data about your own account, finding businesses to collaborate with or researching your competitors, Slix Social will deliver your Instagram data needs through market leading scraping technique.

Here's just some of the data points Slix Social scrapes:

  • Geographic locations (regions, countries)

  • Follower interests (fashion, beauty, health, wellness, fitness, food, travel and more)

  • Follower languages

  • Gender

  • Age groups

  • Contact information (email, phone, web pages)

  • Business type information (business categories, contact)

  • Follower engagement ratings

  • Post comment sentiment analysis

  • Post comment quality 

  • Legitimacy and verification of audiences

  • Mentions including #hashtags & @usernames, and more

Big data, real data, actionable data. 

Expanding your reach as a business through more data, will enable real growth. That's why our API offering is so valuable to so many organisations. Having access to more quality data, will help you make better decisions about marketing and influencer partnerships. Plus, use our analytics to monitor campaign effectiveness, track key metrics and maintain profitable results. 


Our integrations are fast, secure and seamless. You'll be set up and ready to explore in 48 hours. Your access is unlimited. Use our scraping technology anytime, multiple times, as much as you need. 

Bespoke pricing and solutions, tailored to your needs. 

Our pricing is competitive and personalised to match your business needs.

You only pay for what you need and want. Reach out to us, for a free consultation and bespoke pricing. 


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