Content marketing matters - get started!

Content refers to anything that's tangible and visual across marketing and media channels. This can be paid, or owned and includes online (web and social media) or traditional.

Followers and customers rely on how they connect with a brand visually first, before developing an interest in potentially purchasing.

This is why your content needs to be a strategic. With the visuals embracing your brand and oozing what your business ethos is about. Allowing your content to tell your prospective buyers, that you truly know the industry you're in. Content strategies can (and should) evolve as your brand grows.

To start putting a strategic lens on your content, consider the following:

The audience

Firstly, split the audiences in to two groups.

1. Your current audience (current followers and customers).

2. Your new audiences

The amazing thing about content, is it has the ability to reach a vast range of people and when executed right, can be your most effective acquisition channel.

Find out who your target audience is and create content that resonates. Whether its content that involves animation, live photography, text heavy visuals - use data to determine what type of content gets the highest traction and execute according to what is working.

The purpose

Curating content takes time and effort. Each piece of content needs to contribute to achieving a metric. Whether it's engagement or brand and product awareness. Consider why you've created that Instagram post or webpage advert. What are you hoping happens after your audience sees it? Is it powerful in nudging them towards a call to action?

Answering these questions during the content creation process will solidify the purpose of your content strategy and help define a measurement framework.

A sound content purpose helps people who are still figuring out if your product fits their needs, and those who are already using your product and need validation to continue, especially in a competitive market.

The difference

What makes your content stand our from your competitors.

It's obvious that competitors who play in the same space, will sell similar products as yours. What makes you different, needs to be at the center of your content strategy.

Your point of difference could include branding, sourcing of your products or even the customer experience your business offers. Whatever it is that sets your brand a part, promote it through your content. Get the attention of followers and customers and use beautifully and carefully curated content to convince people that your brand is better.

The format

Think about the content formats that work for your brand and the marketing channel. Popular content formats are infographics, videos, vlogs, written blog posts, photography, articles, social media post and more. It's important to know that your content may need to be tweaked, depending on the format, channel and the audience that channel attracts.

Think about the topics (and purpose of the content) and determine the format and channel that best fits.

The analytics

Monitor your content! Every strategy needs to be tracked against key metrics that are put in place to propel your business forward.

Content is imperative and it takes so much time and energy. It would be remiss to not use analytics and know if your strategy is working as it should. Or to know, where to make changes if you aren't getting the results you want.

Things to monitor are engagement, attribution of purchases from content, click through rates, shares and increases in brand awareness.

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