Getting ahead of 'vanity metrics'.

Heard of vanity metrics? If you have an Instagram or Facebook account, then you probably have. As the importance of social media analytics grows, so does the way we view this data and find usefulness in what it actually means.

Vanity metrics is often understood as a number of followers, views or subscribers. Generally, numbers that at a surface level look good but are less likely to explain engagement or how a customer really feels about your brand.

It’s important to know that vanity metrics aren’t completely impractical. There’s still customer intent behind following your brand or viewing content. Pairing this with deeper, actionable analytics, can be extremely valuable insight.

So how do we take vanity metrics, a little deeper.

The next best action.

Think about the next best action of someone following you. What does that look like? It could be liking or commenting on a post.

If someone is viewing you blog post, has it started a conversation? Should the next best action be them liking or sharing the blog?

Achieving a high open rate for an email will mean more if your customers are clicking through to the landing page or reacting to the call to action button.

If the next best action hasn’t been taken? Follow up. Being proactive can only be a good thing. Send an email or direct message to encourage them to take the next step and engage more.

While vanity metrics may need to be substantiated by actionable insight and the next best action, they still provide a foundation to start building engagement and a relationship.

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