Where to start with Instagram analytics?

Analytics is powerful. But knowing where to start can be tough.

Your account is made up of content and followers... and more, but this is where we'll start. Content reflects the brand and personality of your business. It drives interest and encourages follower engagement and growth.

Your followers are your audience. They are the end consumer of your content and (hopefully) very loyal customer.

Let's start with your audience.

What you should be learning to track first are core demographics. These are follower age, gender, geographic location and the time that these followers are most online. This information is foundation metrics and can help you start to form personas of your follower base.

Look out for:

- Are they mostly male or female?

- What age bracket does the majority fall in?

- What country are they mostly from?

- Are the geographic locations evenly spread.

- Are there an outliers?

Instagram makes this information easily available and this can be a great way to get started. Otherwise, get all this data and drill down on the details of your follower demographics through Slix Social in one place.

Now, to your account.

All of your posts, captions and account biography represent the essence of your brand.

You can track your posts, including your captions by monitoring engagement through likes, post comments and shares.

As well as content circulation through post impressions. What does this actually mean?

Impressions is the number of times your posts are being circulated and presented to Instagram users. These users won't necessarily be your followers.

Impressions are a useful awareness building metric, particularly where a call to action isn't necessary.

If your marketing objectives include creating meaningful relationships that help your followers love your brand and product, these metrics when understood and applied, will get you there.

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