You're driving blind without data.

The title means exactly what it says, metaphorically. Data represents your customers, followers and broader audiences. It gives you legitimate insight into personalities, behavior patterns, what people like and even what they don't like. It isn't to be messed with or taken lightly. Data gives you privileged information as a business and it's something that should be respected by the way we use it and create messages or campaigns.

It's the science behind the art of marketing.

Here's just some of the reasons why you shouldn't move forward without it.


Yes, absolutely critical to getting your message noticed. If you're saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, it looks generic and will send your business straight to the 'un-follow' pile.

Targeting the right people for the right message, will create cut-through for your communication.

How do you know who the right people are? Instagram analytics. Use the real data from analytics to learn about the different interests of followers and create segments.

Targeting combats the 'one size fits all' approach to mass marketing and helps you personify your customer.

Understand what content they're liking and engaging with on your Instagram account. This gives you insight in to their interests and should inform the marketing strategy for that group of followers and customers.

Call to action

Almost every marketing communication has a call to action attached. This makes sense. Asking people to respond to your message encourages a two way conversation.

However, how can you ask someone to respond or 'action' a campaign, if you don't know who they are? How will you know if what you're asking them to do is not only relevant, but worth their while? If you're expecting your follower to response to a call to action, understand who they are and what you're asking of them.

For example, don't ask them to subscribe to something they've never shown an interest in before - your data will tell you this.

Marketing spend

Money matters. From a small business to larger organization, every dollar spent towards marketing should be accounted for. Whether it generates hits to your website or product purchases, money spent for marketing should yield return.

Throwing thousands of dollars behind a social media campaign without knowing who your followers are, what they are looking for, they're content engagement patterns, brand affinity or even where they live, is blind execution. Your marketing spend could be focused on a country that makes up 3% of your followers, as opposed to another country that represents 40% of your accounts followers. Similarly, your marketing budget could be targeting the wrong demographics and hindering conversions. Combating this is easy with analytics.

Use data and Instagram analytics to make informed decisions about how your business spends marketing budget.

The detail is in the data. This detail will underpin the success that your brand deserves. Don't let you business drive blind by executing campaigns that aren't data driven or founded by analytics. Leverage the privilege of Instagram analytics and use it grow your business.

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